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Working Group 3. Human exposure and toxicology  



















                                      WG 3 Leader - Chiara Frazzoli                                               WG 3 Co-leader - Sonja Zimmermann




This WG will critically collate the available data on human exposure, potential human health risks, mechanisms of action and (eco)toxicology, identifying the existing gaps that need to be addressed. Where existing data allows it, estimations of the human exposure for TCEs will be provided, indicating the most sensitive groups of population (e.g., children or aged people) and the food groups with a higher contribution on the intake of TCEs. Based on toxicological data, main TCEs and their compounds of concern will be identified; for these, the WG will evaluate suitable markers of exposure and effect. Also, this WG will foster the use of currently available models to predict the toxicity of TCEs in aquatic bodies.



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