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Working Groups


During the four-year duration of the COST Action (01/06/2015 – 31/05/2019), several activities are planned in order to fulfill its objectives:



Management Committee and Working Groups Meetings


Workshops: With the aim of bring together scientists and stakeholders to present their research, discuss the current state of knowledge and identify the future research needs, two workshops are planned on (i) Environmental Concentrations, Cycling and Modeling of TCEs (late 2016), and (ii) Human Exposure and Toxicology of TCEs (mid-late 2017).


Training Schools: Focused for graduate students and post-doctoral workers, and with the aim of introducing them in the latest advances, they will feature lectures from leaders in the field and practical experience supervised by active practitioners. Two training schools will be held, covering (i) Analytical Protocols (from Sampling to Analysis) for TCEs, Measurement Uncertainty and Data Validation (mid-late 2016), and (ii) Methods for Impact Assessment (Environmental Cycling, Exposure and Toxicology) (late 2017 – early 2018).


Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs): They will allow young researchers to make a stay at a research centre specializing in any particular area covered by the Action objectives. It is expected that up to 30 STSMs are completed during the life of the Action.


Final Conference: Intended to attract a diverse audience, including analytical and environmental chemists, environmental modelers, resource managers, toxicologists, food safety organizations, NGOs, industry, and the media. Planned for the last year of the Action (early 2019).



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