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Upcoming International Conferences relevant to the COST Action TD1407



Current Events


Goldschmidt 2019


Session 13.O: Fate, Transport, and Remediation of Emerging Contaminants in the Surface Environment


When? 18-23 August 2019


Where? Barcelona, Spain


Conveners: Ishai Dror, Montserrat Filella, Yoshiko Fujita, Christophe Hissler, Sebastien Rauch, Juan Carlos Silva-Tamayo


  °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°°°°° °°° °°°


Past Events

Goldschmidt 2018


13: Environmental Cycling of Metals, Metalloids and Emerging Inorganic Contaminants


When? 12-17 August 2018


Where? Boston, US


Conveners: Saugata Datta, Rudolph Hon, Jeroen Sonke, Elsie Sunderland, Sarah Jane White, Sebastien Rauch


2017 AGU Fall Meeting


Natural and Anthropogenic Cycles of Technology-Critical Elements: Geologic Sources and Environmental Impacts (B049)


When? 11-15 December 2017


Where? New Orleans, US


Conveners: Sarah Jane White, Yoshiko Fujita, Ishai Dror, Robert Seal


Abstract submission dead-line: 2 August 2017


SETAC North America 38th Annual Meeting


High-technology metals as emerging contaminants of potential concern: environmental fate, transport and toxicity


When? 12-16 November 2017


Where? Minneapolis, MN, USA


Conveners: Jim McGeer, Yoshiko Fujita, Scott D. Smith


Goldschmidt 2017 


The Biogeochemistry of Rare Earth Elements and Other Critical Metals: From Exotic Trace Elements to Emerging Inorganic Contaminants (13L)


When? 13-18 August 2017


Where? Paris, France


Conveners: Sarah Jane White, Ishai Dror




Symposia: Biogeochemistry of emerging trace elements in aquatic and terrestrial systems


When? 16-20 July, 2017


Where? ETH Zurich, Switzerland


Conveners: Bert-Jan Groenenberg, Montserrat Filella, Andreas Voegelin, Kirk Scheckel and Sebastien Rauch


Abstract submission dead-line: 2 January 2017


2016 AGU Fall Meeting


Technology-Critical Elements and Emerging Inorganic Contaminants: Natural Cycles, Anthropogenic Sources and Environmental Fate and Impacts (B079)


When? 12-16 December 2016


Where? San Francisco, US


Conveners: Ishai Dror, Sarah Jane White, Marc F Benedetti and Montserrat Filella


Abstract submission dead-line: 3 August 2016


14th Swiss Geoscience Meeting


Trace elements in aquatic ecosystems: from legacy to emerging pollutants


When? 19 November 2016


Where? Geneva, Switzerland


Conveners: Montserrat Filella and Jean-Luc Loizeau


Abstract submission dead-line: 31 August 2016


17th International Symposium on Solubility Phenomena and Related Equilibrium Processes (ISSP17)


Technology-critical elements prone to hydrolysis in biological and environmental systems (COST TD1470 Workshop)


When? 25 July 2016


Where? Geneva, Switzerland


Convener: Montserrat Filella


Invited Speakers:


 32nd International Conference on Environmental Geochemistry and Health


Isotopes and Chemical Speciation: Tracing Transfer Processes in the Critical Zone


When? 4-8 July 2016


Where? Brussels, Belgium


Goldschmidt Conference 2016. 26 June - 1 July 2016. Yokohama, Japan


Biogeochemistry of Emerging Inorganic and Organic Contaminants:

Analytical Challenges, Natural Cycles, Anthropogenic Sources, and Environmental Impacts


Conveners: Ishai Dror, Montserrat Filella, Sara Jane White, Andreas Voegelin, Atsuyuki Ohta.


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